Curriculum Vitae

Anna Sofie Persson (Ph.D.)


Born 1977 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Lived in Ystad and Lund, Sweden.

Academic education

MSc in Biology, Lund University, 1997-2002

Courses in Marine biology, Gothenburg University, 2001

BSc in Landscape planning, Swedish Agricultural University (SLU, Alnarp), 2008

PhD studies

PhD in Ecology (Animal ecology). Lund University 2011. Thesis title: “Effects of landscape context on populations of bumblebees”.

Statistics (7.5 ects). Lund University, 2004.

Insect pollinators and pollinationecology (4 ects). NOVA University, Sept 2006.

Spatial Ecology (3 ects). Stockholm University, 2007.

Learning and teaching in higher education (3 ects). Lund University, 2007.

Plant-animal interactions (4,5 ects). Universidad Nacional del Comahue, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, feb. 2008.

Introduction to systems thinking, systems analysis and system dynamics: The role of systems science in sustainability science (3 ects). Lund University, feb. 2015.

Artistic education

Ceramics, art & design, Leksands Folkhögskola, 2003-2004.

Water colour, techniques for landscape painting, Gerlesborgs folkhögskola, 2010.

Illustration, Folkuniversitetet, Malmö, vt 2012.

Art and design at Österlenskolan, Simrishamn, 2013-2014.


CMAS ** Scuba Diving Certificate, SSDF, 2004.

Adobe InDesign, Folkuniversitet, Lund, 2013

Previous employment (selected)

Summer scholarship, field assistant. Department of Ecology, Lund University, Jun - Aug 2001 & 2003.

PhD-student in Animal ecology. Department of Ecology, Lund University, 2006-2011.

County Administrative Board, Scania. Malmö, Jun - Jul 2011. Field surveys of marine and terrestrial habitats in the Natura 2000-area Falsterbohalvön.

Malmö City, Environment Dept. Feb 2012. Compile scientific literature and report on biodiversity of insect pollinators in urban areas. Project name: "Samverkan kring pollinatörer i stadsmiljö".

Project assistant, Department of Biology, Lund University. Jun 2011 – Jun 2012.

Researcher, Centre for Environment and Climate Research (CEC), Lund University, Lund. Oct 2012 - Sept 2014.

Malmö City, Urban planning dept. 2015. Project on integration of ecosystem services into urban and municipal planning, and the green infrastructure plan for Malmö. Project title: MEST (Malmö Ekosystemtjänster),

Current employment

Illustrator, Maj Persson Illustrationer. Aug 2012.

Ecologist / Consultant, Ekologigruppen AB, Sept 2015.

Postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Environment and Climate Research (CEC), Lund University, Lund. Jan 2017.

Academic merits


Excursions & labs on marine flora and fauna, Marine biology & Ecology B, Lund University (LU), 2005.

Computer exercise & seminars on population ecology and conservation planning, Conservation Biology (LU), 2007 – 2012.

Lecture & seminar on sustainable farming, Terrestrial Ecology (LU), 2007 – 2014.

Seminars (PBL), Environmental Science (LU), 2008 & 2018.

Lecture on Urban biodiversity and ecosystem services, Conservation Biology, LU, Urban Studies (Malmö University) & at SLU, Alnarp. 2015-2018.

Student supervision

BSc thesis, Lena Frödin, 2006. Title: “Bumblebee pollen basket content in contrasting agricultural landscapes".

BSc thesis, Linda Nilsson, 2013. Title: ”Biologisk mångfald i stadsmiljö - Vad kan vi lära av Bo01 i Malmö?”

MSc thesis, Ulrika Samnegård, 2009. Title: “Gardens as sources for pollinators in intensively managed farmland in Southern Sweden”.

MSc thesis, Jesper Andersson, 2013. Title: ”Ett planeringsverktyg för urbana ekosystemtjänster - En länk mellan naturvetenskap och beslutsfattande”

MSc thesis, Hristo Hvalchev, 2015.

MSc thesis, Guillermo Aguilera, 2015.

BSc thesis, Johan Edlund, 2017.

BSc thesis, Lisa Bredenberg, 2017.

MSc thesis, Jana Figlestahler, 2017.

MSc thesis, Julia Svensson, 2017.

Amy Westman, University of Queensland, 2017.

MSc thesis, Sara Thelin, 2018. Ongoing.

MSc thesis, Moritz Rentsch, 2018-2019. LU & Jena University, Germany. Ongoing.


PI in BECC (Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate), a strategic research area.